Arts & Crafts Show
in Kingsland, Texas

These photos were taken at the Arts & Crafts Festival during the Bluebonnet Festival in Kingsland, Texas. They have the Arts & Crafts Show there several times a year. The shows are very popular and are usually more crowded than the photos illustrate.

Large selection of art and handcrafted items.


Clothing and Souvenirs

buckles.jpg (21018 bytes)
Beautiful Custom Made Buckles by John of
ABJ Jewelry.....Phone 505-885-0526

show10.jpg (21576 bytes)
3 D Wood Cuttings...They are beautiful!

show11.jpg (15725 bytes)
Jewelry cut from coins

show9.jpg (23403 bytes)
Hand sewn clothing

Wood carvings

Toys and Novelties

Glass Blower

Lots of Jewelry

Handmade Furniture

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